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1 Day at Azercell: “Data Engineering and Machine Learning”

Finally, we are ready to show you our internal life. Do you want to know what it is like to be an Azercelli? Then, this day is right for you. We will show you our usual workday and disclose many interesting facts about the actual topic nowadays:

Data Engineering & Machine Learning“.

If you are interested in this topic and want to be a part of our network, then register and wait for our response!

Experience exchange with leading IT experts of Azercell, heartily discussions as well as tasty snacks and amazing music are awaiting you!  We will make this day unforgettable!

When applying, follow the instructions carefully.


Applying for participation:

For participation, it is enough to have the relevant specialty, interest in the mentioned IT sphere and ability to answer a couple of questions when applying.

We are happy to see professionals, students and graduates in the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics
  • Mechanics and Mathematics
  • Automatization of production processes
  • Automatization and computer technology
  • Radio engineering and communication
  • Computer science and management
  • Technology and design
  • Engineering
  • IT and Engineering
Hiring process

Selection process:

Unfortunately, we do not have an opportunity to accept everyone, so we will give preference to the ones who apply first and correspond to all our requests.

However, remember that there will be many days like that ahead, so follow us on social networks:


  • The deadline for applications is June 12, 2019.
  • Only citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic may apply to the event
  • For any queries, you may apply to [email protected]
  • Event is planned for 28th of June, 2019
Deadline for applicants

12 Jun 12:00 AM

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