6th Regional Internet Governance Forum Azerbaijan

Regional Internet Governance Forum Azerbaijan is a multi-stakeholder platform for public policy on internet and its impact on society. The forum draws in discussions and incubates collaborations for the developments of universally affordable, accessible, non-discriminated, secure and sustainable internet across the region.

Upcoming 6th RIGFAZ will contribute to deepening the cooperation between international specialists and local participants in the field of Cyber Security under the motto of “Cyber Security: Our Common Responsibility”. Azerbaijan prioritizes the development of information and communication technologies and the Internet itself. Internet is an information space, as well as the environment which encompasses public administration, education, health, business, banking and other areas. The representatives of Government of Azerbaijan and other foreign countries, business representatives, academic institutions and members of civil society will get together to discuss current issues related to the Internet.

The pivotal appeal of the RIGFAZ is to discuss a wide range of issues concerning the Internet governance at multilateral, multi-stakeholder, democratic and transparent manners and subsequently propose recommendations as implications of the Forum to the international community. The forum will have panels focusing on various aspects of Cyber Security, and enable to receive the comments of the audience by brainstorming sessions in order to identify the requirements of the all stakeholders. The conference will also help deepen partnership between UNDP and Azerbaijan. The event will be a one-day forum with a plenary session.


13 March 10:00

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