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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Arts, Crafts & Politics – Helsinki, Finland

With great pleasure and excitement, the Federation of Young European Greens is announcing an open call for participants for the Arts, Crafts & Politics – capacity and confidence building training for young politicians and activists. The project will be organized on 5 – 10 September 2017 in Helsinki, Finland, in cooperation with ViNO (the Finnish Young Greens).

Arts, Crafts and Politics is a final instalment in the full circle of FYEG’s capacity and confidence building trainings within the framework of Annual Work Plan programme supported by the European Youth Foundation.


 Capacity building training called “Arts, Crafts and Politics” is multi-faceted activity that is aiming further democratization of our member organizations. We will use our imagination to envision fresher ways of doing politics and generating societal impact. We will explore various domains for influencing policy-making process on local, national and European contexts. Discuss how to get access to reliable and empirical data that could be used as bases of policies and initiatives; how to frame them in the most strategic and relatable language possible and finally, what communication strategies could be used for getting those policies through!

The training will offer a hands-on experience of developing credible policies in an open and friendly environment. The chosen methodology for Arts, Crafts and Politics is based on principles of non-formal, experiencial and DIY/DIT learning.


We are looking for 35 young people between 16-35, residing in one of the Council of Europe member states, Belarus or Kosovo, who are looking to strengthen their advocacy narrative and skills. We are aiming at setting up a group of participants with experience with public relations on local, national or european levels; such as, chairpersons, spokespersons, board members of local and national youth organisations; as well as candidates, with experience with external communication planning and implementation; We would like to ensure the diversity in backgrounds. Within the framework of our Work Plan, we work towards empowering female, non-binary and transgender politicians and activists, who are highly encouraged to apply! Selected participants will delve into areas of political storytelling, framing / reframing and tools and know-hows of efficient and targeted communication strategies or practices.

The training course will be conducted in English!

Financial Conditions

FYEG will reimburse 80% of travel costs within reasonable limits and within Europe. The full cost of accommodation, food, and refreshments during the training will also be covered by the organisers. In exchange, we ask for a participation fee of 20 EUR for participants coming from non-EU countries and 40 EUR for participants coming from EU countries (and Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland).

So how to go to this amazing event?

All you need to do is apply on an online form HERE before 30th June 2017 at midnight (CET).

You will be informed about the results of the selection by mid-July.

This activity is part of FYEG’s annual work plan “Reclaim Your Future”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

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