12 İyul 12:29

Conference of the Parties (COP) 23.5

oikos Baku is pleased to introduce its new project – “Conference of Parties 23.5”

What is the event about?

COP 23.5 being as a training simulation is aimed to review the implementation of the Convention that has a primary objective of tackling climate change issues around the world by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol and The Paris Agreement is as important of the Convention, as well as other conferences will be in-detail covered during the event. Some topics of the Convention including Science, Climate Finance and Technology, Education and Youth and others, and their role in the further possible progression in the resolution of climate change issues will be of extensive consideration as well. It is also worth noting that invaluable information about the Convention topics will be provided by professionals from different famous companies.

Who is the event for?

Anyone who is interested in the progress achieved by the Convention cares about the world’s climate system and is willing to take a step for the better future is welcome to participate in the event.

What are the Targets?

• To create sustainable leaders who can think of feasible solutions or climate change issues.
• To ascertain true understanding other significance of the Convention’s actions among the Azerbaijani youth through simulation-based learning.
• To involve more people to take an effective role in resolution of climate change issues.
• Involving participants the simulation of Kyoto Protocol, Paris
Agreement and other significant COPs of UNFCCC;

Participation Fee: 5 AZN
Deadline: 18 July


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