Great Silk Way International Youth Camp

Deadline: August 15, 2017

Venue: September 21-25, 2017, Baku, Azerbaijan

Open to:  Young people from the entire world, (especially Silk Roads Countries)

Organizer: “Great Silk Way” International Youth Union


In the recent years many projects aimed to rising cross-cultural ties between countries were implemented. As one of the Great Silk Way International Youth Union’s objectives is to organize various international training courses and seminars, round-table meetings, exhibitions, conferences, charity marathons, forums and other events aimed at multi-cultural learning, the Union considers that it is important to implement this project in the country where living together among people with different cultures and religions is not a form of behavior, but a way of living.

The “Great Silk Way International Youth Camp” is a platform designed to bring together youth from different parts of the world in order to discuss and share their ideas and concerns about issues related to intercultural dialog and multiculturalism. Participants are expected to be encouraged to discuss and thus increase the awareness of the issue. It also aims at exploring ways in which these active and emerging youth can act together as advocates for multiculturalism and tolerance at the local, regional and global level. That is why they will be trained on project management in order to improve their own projects. The Camp provides local and international youth the opportunity to learn intercultural experience, integrated understanding on tolerance, multiculturalism and living together in peace, through a valuable and meaningful 4 days’ program in a beautiful countryside.


  1. To initiate an intercultural dialogue between youth workers;
  2. To create sustainable motivation and encourage youth for promotion of values and development of actions in the sphere of multicultural dialogue on their local level;
  3. To create common understanding of intercultural dialogue among participants and to develop participants skills in this field;
  4. To encourage future network among participants and support potential peer-leaders and multipliers for Intercultural Dialogue working on local level after the participants are back to their countries of residence;
  5. To explore existing concepts, practices and approaches in intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, project management;
  6. To ascertain the obligations of community to respect, protect and fulfill the right to equal education among the people representing different cultures, nations and religious.


The participants must:

  • be aged 18 and 35;
  • be able to work in English;
  • be youth workers involved in youth or community projects in their countries and be willing to realize youth initiatives for intercultural dialogue following the residential meeting;
  • possess a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions and a commitment to personal and community development;
  • be curious, open-minded, appreciate diversity and learn about each other’s realities;
  • be interested in creation of network that will collaborate after the project is over;
  • demonstrate willingness to work;
  • participate at the full duration of the project;

The organizing team will select the best applications and inform those who will pass selection process till 25 August, 2017.

Working style:

The project will use a variety of methods to achieve its aims. The program will include group discussions, tеаmbuilding ехеrcises, energizers, simulation games and role-plays, individual and group reflection sessions, individual and group presentations, guest sреаkers, thеоretical input and field trips. The program will be guided by the trainers with international experience in youth events in related topic and facilitated by the staff of the Great Silk Way IYU. The participants that will participate in full duration of the camp will be awarded with certificates.


The Camp is entirely free. Costs for living arrangements, food, internal transportation and activities are fully provided, however, international participants have just to pay their travel expenses.

Application Process:

Here is the link to the application form:

Send the application form, your CV  and a Recommendation letter to [email protected]

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