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İnternship position for Lendock

We are opening internship position for Lendock!!!
Lendock is a fast growing startup which provides the fast, affordable and convenient solution for locals and travelers to find the right vehicle for temporary needs. Being more than 1 year old, Lendock has representation in different international events in Europe and USA.
If you want to explore startup field, get good network, be exposed to new and challenging experience, develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership, then Lendock is the right place for you!

We are looking for 5 crazy, creative, smart individuals to join our team and get the best possible experience in the fields of:
1. Business Development (Sales, Logistics) (3)
2. Marketing (1)
3. Web Development (1)

Duration: July 8 – September 8

General Requirements:
– Advanced English, Azerbaijani and/or Russian
– Familiarity with Google Docs, Trello and Slack (preferred)
– Communicativeness and teamwork skills
– Have willingness to learn New Things
– Solution-oriented
– Proactive
– Persistent

Additional Requirements:
For Web Development Intern:
– Knowledge of Java (preferred) , JSP (preferred) , MySQL (preferred), HTML/CSS/Javascript,
For Marketing Intern:
– Very active Social Media Presence (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)
– Basic Knowledge of Marketing

Please send your CVs to [email protected] .
Deadline: 30th June 2016

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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