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Trainer: Elvin Rahimov

Elvin Rahimov was educated at Shirvan Turkish Private High School and afterwards, was admitted to Qafqaz University in 2003. He majored in International Economic Relations BSc. He served for NATO’s OCC (Operation Capabilities Conception) as well. In 2008, he started his MBA education on Finance and graduated in 2010.
His career commenced from the Ministry of Economy and Industry in 2010 and after a few months, he was transferred to the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic. His internships include private companies that cope with consumers in the real-time.

In 2012, he built BetterHealthyLives virtual company. At present, he is the founder of Canadian Affiliate Marketing University.
He has also acquired the certificates on CPA Marketing, Getting Viral Traffic, Infopreneur and Internet Marketer, Instagram Growth Hacks, and Money Making Websites.
Working as an IELTS instructor, professional English tutor, and study abroad consultant inspired him to share his research materials on online marketing with passionate people in live events.

What you will discover in this training:

* The only 5 Words You’ll Ever Need – To Get The Right Buying Customers On Your Promotions
* “The Ea$y Money” Daily Email Button – Just Do This Once a Day and listen it will never fail to turn prospects into cash in hand buyers
* Million Dollar Question – Ask This One Question every day and you’ll make a LOT more money because of it
* How to create an idea of “Man, I need to buy this RIGHT NOW!” in your customers
* The magical strategy to melt away sales resistance of your customers
* Storytelling scenarios to keep up your audience until the last step of buying process
* How to multiply your revenue by 300% by using our 10 neuromarketing tactics
* Master Persuasion Skills and turn your casual website visitors into interested leads and then into rabid buyers
* Predict human behaviors behind buying process
* Decision-making process of a typical consumer

Imagine you know the way to the minds of the people. You know how it works and how you can control it with our irresistible emotional triggers. You know how to influence and inspire countless of individuals in a matter of time. How would it alter your overall business? How, with ease, could you boost your customer base and simultaneously, sales by applying these psychological aspects?

If you work in sales, this training will arm you with new skills and techniques you can put into use every day to dramatically increase your commissions. And if you don’t work in sales, you can still use these tactics to convince colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors to help you meet your goals and get things done on a daily basis. Even outside of the office, persuasion is a vital skill everyone should have.

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NOTE. The seminar will be held in English

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