Starting Up from Zero

Currently all over the world as well as in Azerbaijan there is a significant interest in starting up new projects, start ups, businesses and organizations.
Taking this into account, we decided to invite this Saturday 23rd of January, Alex Apetrei from Romania, who has 12 years of leadership and management experience specifically in starting up from 0.

Key Learning points:

– Learn from mistakes and successes of various start-ups;
– Tips & Strategies for personal & professional development
– Concrete ideas for career planning
– Differences and similarities between volunteering & professional work

Trainer: Alex Apetrei

– 12 years of leadership and management experience
– Opened 2013’s highest revenue online business in Azerbaijan,
– Vice President in the Romanian Branch of the biggest youth run organization in the world AIESEC
– President of AIESEC Azerbaijan 2010/12
– Founded Pulse Digital Agency
– Co Founded ALZA

Participation is FREE of charge

23 yanvar saat 12:00
Language: English
Places are limited
In order to apply, register HERE:

Location: Af Business House, High Tech Park, 3rd floor

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Code Academy: 070 333 27 77

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