TEFL advantages-quotes from local and foreign students

TEFL advantages-quotes from local and foreign students



Vision Academy has become a TEFL center for both local and foreign students.

Classes at the only internationally accredited TEFL center in Azerbaijan, Vision Academy are organized in interactive and inclusive way.

Trustworthiness, loyalty, respect, responsibility, care and justice are among values Vision Academy applies in its work. We do care about our every client, seek customer satisfaction and aim to turn to reliable education partner for many.

We try to be professional and reliable; we are ready to prove the quality provided in our work. TEFL accreditation is one of the tools to demonstrate power, quality and professionalism.

Vision Academy started its TEFL classes in February. Not only locals, but also foreigners living in Azerbaijan attend our TEFL classes. Why have they chosen Vision Academy? What are benefits they expect from TEFL classes?

Loretta, the USA: “What I like most about TEFL classes at Vision Academy is the environment and how easy it is to learn and comprehend what is being taught. When I first came I was so nervous but my instructor and peers assured me that there’s no need to be nervous. Asking questions is okay and not understanding at first is okay too. I couldn’t be more satisfied in my decision to take TEFL at Vision Academy.



Ines, Tunisia: “I believe that general English aims to achieve a high standard of everyday English communication skills, it covers the four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. TEFL is more about techniques and methodologies of teaching the English language as a foreign language by applying the right skills of teaching, it would also make us able to learn how to plan and deliver lessons that meet class learning objectives and promote productive learning beside to managing classroom identifying learning styles and adapt lessons to suit students and their needs. Personally I will be applying learned knowledge by following all the instructions and learned materials and techniques in my classes in the future and even to teach my own children the English.


Aminat, Azerbaijan: “As I am a language teacher, the knowledge I learn during the course, comes to use while I am teaching. As the course is conducted by a foreign instructor, it is a very good chance for me to ask him some of my other questions related to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as methodology”


Contact us:

visionacademy.az / visionmap.az
(+994)50 494 32 32
(+994)12 510 01 99
Zahid Khalilov st., 25 A.

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