Vacancy: Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor needed.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Assist in the development and maintenance of preconstruction, construction, and closeout
execution plans
• Assist in reviewing project drawings and specifications to gain a full understanding of project
scope, client goals and expectations, and resource requirements for each phase of the project
• Identify construction approaches and risks to ensure efficiency and mitigate exposure
• Assist in soliciting and coordinating subcontractor and supplier bids for labor, material and
• Assist in the development and maintenance of project schedules, durations, and sequencing
• Oversee the activities and performance of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance
with quality requirements
• Manage client interaction and promote positive relationships
• Monitor project progress to ensure compliance with financial, operational, and/or scheduling
• Facilitate communication between subcontractors, suppliers, and other project participants
• Resolve worksite issues quickly and effectively in order to keep work progress on track
• Gather information, develop solutions, and adjust to necessary changes in work sequences
• Assist in the evaluation of subcontractor and supplier invoices against actual performance
• Assist in evaluating the legitimacy of subcontractor and supplier change requests in terms of
contractual requirements and validity of cost estimates
• Maintain a safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following and enforcing standards
and procedures; complying with legal regulations
• Provide a daily report of site conditions including weather, work scope, force levels, and
safety issues
• Supervise completion of punch-lists, close-out documentation, and demobilize the job site at
the completion of a project
Core Competencies
• Critical thinking and problem solving skills
• Planning and organizing
• Decision-making
• Time management and prioritizing
• Attention to detail and accuracy
• Communication skills
• Influencing and leading
• Delegation
• Team work
• Client focused
• Conflict management
• Adaptability
• Stress tolerance

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