Women and the Future in Azerbaijan Speaker Series

Recently both government and business organizations make efforts to appoint more women into senior management positions to insure gender diversity at the decision making table. However, most organizations are far from real participation of women in decision-making processes. Research by R. J. Ely, H. Ibarra, and D. M. Kolb (2011) from INSEAD and Harvard University shows that becoming a leader requires much more than being put in a leadership role. It requires acquiring new skills and more importantly adapting to the new leadership role. It involves a fundamental identity shift!

This series is about how to help young women leaders of Azerbaijan to make that identity shift. Each panel will cover one aspect of it and offer insights from men and women in senior positions who will talk about their personal experiences and describe strategies that worked for them.

The following topics will be covered in the talks:
§ Panel 1: Second generation gender bias and how it manifests itself in different industries

§ Panel 2: Construct and internalize your leader identity

§ Panel 3: Develop you leadership purpose

§ Panel 4: Feedback on your leadership performance, why, where and how to get it

§ Panel 5: Networking strategies for women; assess, enhance and deepen your network

§ Panel 6: Negotiating for a leadership role

§ Panel7: How to make successful career transitions

§ Panel 8: Find a mentors and coaches, let us tell you why!

The topic which we will cover in the current meeting will be about the Leadership Development -Challanges for Women Leaders in Sports. The panel participants will describe their road to success, and share the challenges they have encountered and the strategies that worked and did not work to overcome these challenges. They will also share some strategies, tactics, and technics they brought from the sports world to resolve the leadership challenges they encountered as female sport managers.

The Event will be hold in both Azerbaijani and English languages!

Noyabr 29 19:00 – 2

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