Women in Space with NASA speaker Anne Verbscer

Hey girls! İf you are interested in pursuing your career in Space and air industry, come and listen to the inspirational lecture of Anne Verbiscer.
NASA speaker Anne Verbiscer is an associate research professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Virginia. She received her doctorate in Planetary Science from Cornell University. Dr. Verbiscer participates in the Cassini Mission exploration of Saturn through her work with the Cassini Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) Instrument Team, Cassini Satellite Orbiter Science Team (SOST), and Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) Instrument Team. She has been the principal investigator on two NASA Cassini Data Analysis Program research projects intended to investigate the surface properties of Enceladus.
The event is open to all women and men at any age who believe that Space industry shouldn’t be gender selective!

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