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“Young Activists for Peace and Dialogue” Youth Exchange

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
Location: Sievershausen, Germany
Project dates: 15 AUGUST – 27 AUGUST, 2017

Partner organization form Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization www.csyo-az.org
Participants per country: 4 participants between 18-26 years old
How to apply? – Fill the application form. https://form.jotform.me/sdgtcsyo/young-activists-4-peace
Deadline: 28 JUNE 2017 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email till JUNE 2017 for Skype interview.)
100% of accommodation, food and transportation will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. Travel cost limit for Azerbaijan is 400 EUR per person. Travel cost reimbustment will be done by bank transfer after the youth exchange when german organization will receive your travel documents by post.
Note: German organization will charge 40 euro participation fee from your travel cost reimbursement.
Description:�ICJA is developing Erasmus+ sponsored youth activities to promote an appreciative dialogue between people of different world views and religions. In view of an increase in religiously justified discrimination and violence against society members who have a different religion or worldview in European Societies, the aim of this project is to strengthen the foundations for peaceful communities by fostering peaceful dialogue between young people of the EU, Turkey, Israel / Palestine and the Caucasus region.
This is the call for the second activity in the frame of Young Activists for Peace and Dialogue:
Throughout your active participation in group activities, excursions and workshops, you will learn a lot about your cultural diversity and discuss topics we are all affected by. In the training “Young people becoming agents of peace”, you will be developing fundamental skills for your personal handling in violence and conflicts. Moreover, you will have the possibility to deal with subjects and find answers regarding topics such as “Appreciation of cultural diversity and a peaceful co-existence in our society”. Through videos and other media, you will be able to face the increasing racism and radicalization in a creative way and to embody solidarity with refugees in your local environment. Please note: The workshops and activities will be partly implemented together with asylum seekers from Central and East Africa in an accommodation in the close-by village of Lehrte.
We will learn and practice how we can live peacefully together in a community. Participants will realize that each of us is part of a world community with different worldviews, religions, languages, stories and perceptions, which can only survive on the path of peace and dialogue. In this way, we will foster the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination!
The activities in details:
In the first part of the youth exchange you will get an introduction in the Peace Educational Training “Friedensstifter” (“Young people becoming agents of peace”). This will lasts 4 days and contains multiple activities to learn about basic skills to deal with violence and conflict at personal level. Later there will be offered innovative workshops and activities on racism, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamism and discrimination. Participants will meet with refugees and develop in creative workshops (visual arts, photo, video, forum theatre, music) around the topic “How can we promote cultural diversity and a peaceful co-existence in our society? ”
Participant countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Israel
Participant profile: This youth exchange is designed for interested youngsters (of 18 – 26 years), who would like to learn about ways and concepts to fight against rightwing propaganda, discrimination against Muslims and human rights violations against refugees and migrants. You should have strong interest in the topic and be ready to participate in workshops and all social activities.

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