UNESCO Prize for the Use of ICT in Education

Can digital learning enhance or transform greening education?

UNESCO Prize for the Use of ICT in Education is the only Prize of the UN agencies on digital learning.

Funded by the Kingdom of Bahrain and established in 2005, the Prize awards annually US$ 25,000 each to two innovative projects that use digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and overall education performance.

The 2023 theme: Digital learning for greening education
Deadline: 5 February 2024
Fill in the online application:
We've designed the theme of “Digital learning for greening education” to surface innovative practices in exploring synergies between Digital Learning and Greening Education, two priorities of Education Sector of UNESCO.
With this, this edition of the Prize is seeking for projects demonstrating:

-Synergies between digital learning and greening education: digital learning solutions should be developed based on rigorous assessment of domain-specific nature of climate education with a full consideration of learners’ interests and local contexts. The digital learning solutions should ensure “ethics by design”, scalability, and sustainability while minimizing negative impacts on the climate change.
- Inclusive digital learning on climate education programmes: the project should promote inclusive access to climate education programmes through digital learning in particular for girls and women, learners with different abilities, and marginalized communities.
- Innovating pedagogy to meet the needs of climate education: the project should design and pilot test innovative pedagogical methodologies to meet the needs of climate education and to maximize the potential of digital learning.
- Fostering climate actions: the project has evidence to show its positive impact on greening actions to tackle the climate change as a result of the attitudinal and behavioral changes of learners fostered by the project.

Who can apply:
Individuals, institutions, non-governmental organizations or other entities.

Eligibility criteria:
-Be relevant to the theme
-Be ongoing for at least 1 year
-Not to be affiliated with UNESCO or receive any funding from UNESCO
-The project should be public and free of charge


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