Vacancy for English Teacher Coordinator

Vacancy for English Teacher Coordinator


Type of contract: Full-time

Key Responsibilities:

The activities listed below are restricted to the assistant's attendance hours.


Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and update English language curriculum in accordance with the university's academic standards and language proficiency goals.
  • Collaborate with the curriculum committee to incorporate innovative teaching methodologies and materials.
  • Create an entrance examination for the placement of first-year students.
  • Recruit, train, and evaluate English language faculty members.
  • Provide ongoing support and professional development opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching skills.
  • Monitor and evaluate English language classes to ensure adherence to curriculum guidelines and teaching standards.
  • Conduct regular classroom observations and provide constructive feedback to teachers.
  • Develop and administer assessments to measure student progress and language proficiency.
  • Analyze the assessment data to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies accordingly.

Job requirements:

  • A master's degree in English, linguistics, education, or a related field is usually required.
  • Experience and academic qualifications in language assessment and placement testing are preferred.
  • Leadership or management experience, particularly in the educational sector, is also preferred.
  • A strong understanding of English language teaching methodologies, linguistics principles, and language acquisition theories is necessary.
  • Knowledge of relevant educational technologies and software used in language instruction is essential.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills are required to manage multiple tasks and deadlines effectively.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, including the ability to motivate and inspire others, are essential.
  • The ability to identify challenges or issues within language programs and develop creative solutions to address them is necessary.
  • Experience in supervising or mentoring teachers and providing professional development opportunities is valued.

Interested candidates are requested to submit in PDF format:

  • (1) A letter of interest and motivation specifying suitability for the position (in English and Azerbaijani)
  • (2) An up-to-date CV (in English) Send materials via e-mail to: [email protected] specifying the job title in the subject line.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



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